Airline Manager 4

Free Airline Management simulation game

In Airline Manager 4, you start an airline from scratch.
All you have to begin with is a few million dollars, and a single aircraft.
Do you have what it takes to run an airline?
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Airline Manager 4
Airline Manager 4
Airline Manager 4
Airline Manager 4
Manage your own airline

Always wanted to run an airline?
Well, this is your chance. But if you thought it was easy, think again.
There are many tasks that must be done to become successfull, and your staff are not much help - they too must be managed.
Which aircraft will you purchase, and will your routes be profitable ?
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- Purchase aircraft from the market with a selection of more than 350 different aircraft.
- Create routes from more than 4,000 real life airports.
- Track your flights live on the map
- Purchase hubs all over the world
- Keep your fleet maintained
- Handle your staff